Monday, 9 July 2012

TROLLEY of GOODIES from hubby!

Today, my husband came home with a trolley full of wonderful goods, nope it is not our weekly grocery supplies although he usually does too but FABRICS!!! lots of them.

These are catalogs and samples that they used to sell at the mall where he work. He said it came from the showroom and they wanted to throw them away because they no longer buy from this company and it made me so happy that they decided to let it go ( with a wide smile ) and I feel loved that my husband thinks I would be glad to have it.

He woke me up and showed the goodies but since I just get out of the bed, my happy face and enthusiasm dials isn't as jolly as I know he hopes I would be.  I later called him and say thank you!!

But after I freshened up and check it out, my mind just storms with tons of ideas of what better projects I should make for this wonderful fabrics, I couldn't think of a more sweeter way my husband can be to me.

Check it out below, I wonder what more I can do for the organza fabrics since I haven't made any projects made from it, shed me some light ladies!! I might share some of this goodies if you like!

Have a lovely day!


 here is an update of what I made so far with these:

Laptop sleeve made from fabric samples !

Tafetta small table runner =)

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