Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fabric Sling bag (Reversible)


I made a reversible bag, from a  great tutorial you can find here.  

It was my first attempt following [almost all =)] because I find tutorials elaborate most of the times and when I sew, often as I feel fit only [ me and instructions, we don't get along well much LOL!  and my sewing skills is also in beginner level only] but her tutorial was so easy to understand and the project is just what I needed.

So here is it: [ sorry for the crappy picture ]

I am so proud of my self, I endured the pins and instructions...  I altered it a bit to my liking, I made the strap wider, and as made the pattern out of guessing measurements and free hand drawing.. unto the 3 pieces of normal bond papers, I think it turns out fine, what do you think?? Are you like me who can't follow sewing instructions to the core?

Don't get me wrong, other instructions are well taken in but for sewing, not always the case.

Have a great day!


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