Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sleeping Bag/Diaper stacker

This is quite very simple and no fuss at all, we bought this sleeping bag from Carter's on SALE  for AED 30.00 only but my daughter used it once because I think she had a growth sprout so fast that after 1 washed, she doesn't fit here anymore. Since it is cute and new, I thought may be I can give it away to my friend but I kinda love it and decided to kept it until I can make something out of it. One day, I made her a diaper stacker from a old bed sheet but it didn't have the stability that I wished..then I remember this sleeping bag. I just put one of my soft hanger and wallah! instant cute diaper stacker. Isn't it great, a re-purpose item without  sewing.

I hope you find it helpful, because I sure do.


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