Sunday, 13 May 2012


I was inspired to make yet another project for my daughter's room. It was made with love even it shows some imperfections.

A little history:

My family from Paete, Laguna Philippines are known to make wonderful paper mache` export products and I used to spend hours of my vacation helping my auntie to finished some deer, santa claus and just about any form actually made to paper mache'. ~ well, I helped only, just got the idea on how to but not an expert. ;)

 Okay let me continue my ramblings :

Then came along mother hood, and the crafting itch hit me again. Sure you can buy decorated monograms or even the whole set of alphabets for that matter for your little ones room, but there is nothing more rewarding than making it from scratch by yourself and cheap too.

But we all know, paper mache needs a form or a plank of wood pattern in order to make this sturdy and beautiful art. So with that in mind, another dilemma arise. Where I will get a plank of wood, or buy a monogram letter as my form..and I think where is the fun with that??

Then, google always helps a lot and yahoo too.. Just type monograms and you'll find tons of tutorials in the blog land. I found one that solves my problem from She made the form from cereal boxes, so clever and thrifty. You should check out her post here about the monogram she made for inspiration.

I made mine using an old piece of blanket/duvet divider carton insert ( you know, the one in between the sheets when you buy them from stores in packaging? ) Yes, I didn't follow Crystal's instruction and set my self to making my own fonts, didn't use tapes and instead all pieces or 100's of small magazine papers after- I told myself, next time follow the tutorials first :)

The reason for this was, I used what I have only, it was not that bad  =)) but It took me a long time to construct the form  and then complete it with paint. Below are the before and after pictures.


Letter "R" is still sitting on my window to dry, the 3D effect was bad & un -even because I used papers only not cartons and It was only free hand drawn, still looks like an "R", right?

The height is about 12 inches, I am not sure haha.. not your fancy measure, detailed kind of lady.


NIGHT TIME and still drying. I will make some sort of design into it after it dried up. It is RED, I was opting for LIGHT PINK but I ran out of white poster paint so again, manage what you have available.

By looking at the after picture, you will see and define some imperfections on my Paper Mache MONOGRAM. Sorry for that,  (Raya will not be able notice for now) will try to make a better one, I need to chow down some cereals in the near future =).

That's the only two pictures I managed to take while my sticky hands are soaked in flour/water paste.

I hope you liked it!

Have a blessed crafting to all!



I was so annoyed but the RED color paint, I made a little improvement to my "R" monogram project. Here is it:

I have some creep papers left over from a project I made for my nephew Mohamed, and It was useful for the monogram. Rosette flowers are easy to make and I loved the finished product now =) more girly looking now. Sorry for the bad photo though.  

Hope you all liked it!

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