Friday, 11 May 2012

FABRIC STORE in UAE and ramblings

After a long search online, I finally came across a post from  about a craft supplies store in Jumeirah Dubai. What a relief for me, I don't like going out much in summer season for it can be really harsh weather and CRAFTLAND is a heaven sent for me. I know most people goes to souk in AL RAS/ SATWA, Dubai or Rolla Sharjah area for crafting, fabric supplies but those are places quite far from where I am living, excepts Rolla but the traffic going there is unbearable at times.

It is even beside the store where I bought my paper punchers PAPERLANE, wow people from Jumeirah must be lucky to have such novelty stores. I almost wish we are living in that area, oh but I love our new place here in Sharjah. When you stay in a place for so long you get attached to it so much you won't like to be living anywhere else i think. Back to my excitement! I browsed their site and I was a bit sad to find their online shop isn't working yet so I emailed them and hopefully will get a highly good response by tomorrow.

I am very thankful that I didn't buy internationally, I was hopeless to find an online shop of fabric here in UAE and almost, so close in buying from some wonderful online shops recommend by some pretty good crafters here in blogger in USA ..but I was thinking of the shipping cost, I hesitated and hold my horses =) THANKS GOD! Not that they cannot be trusted but to buy within U.A.E is my best bet for shipping.

I keep on asking my husband to buy me some cotton fabrics so I can start my quilt project and pillows and more, so lucky me, he always forgets. He can get it cheaper too because he represent a company but may be he is really forgetful.

I bought some from IKEA DUBAI in DFC last time but the one's I bought was not what I hope for my projects in mind. Design wise and color, they can be good for something else but not for my living room pillows and some runners I wish to make. My husband got some black out fabrics from DRAGON MARKET but I made it as our curtain, sure it is nice but not the quilting type or maybe I just didn't like it. 

If you may ask why I cannot buy it personally by my self is because, I have a baby to care for, a house to clean, a husband to cook for and  going out is difficult alone if you don't have a car now that it getting super HOT again. Sewing projects just makes me sane and keeps me busy at night to relax my earthbound body, but my overly active mind seems to disagree about rest and decided to shoot me some ideas and of course inspirations all over internet are really abundant.

So I hope if any one is clueless like me to where is the best place to find some nice fabric and craft tools, please click the link I made for

That's my rambling for today, have a Happy mother's day to all the great mom's here!


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