Thursday, 31 May 2012

Paper Buntings and Zipper Deals

My daughter's birthday is coming soon, I opt for a cute birthday party but the weather ( sticky hot!!! ) and venue ( Al Mamzar Park ) as planned before is not cooperating with me, so we have decided to just keep it private and simple for our own family to share and buy Raya her own NATIONAL BONDS savings certificate so she is in a good start of life. Have you heard of it? any one who is saving more than AED 3,000 can be a millionaire some day.

I hope she wins, I have mine for a long time but not enough to be entitled for the monthly draw, might be the time I save some more. You can check it out HERE.

After that decision, I was a bit sad that I cannot decorate more for her party since we are not having one kiddy party. My husband said, may be just decors will be fine so, I  went on printing some "free party printables and digital papers, I got all over the blog land ( THANK YOU!!) and wallah! I made some paper buntings. For now, it is happily hanging on our wall near the dining table and after Raya's birthday, I will be transferring it to her room as decor.

Nothing comes cheap now a days, I bet every one will agree on me and to find one great item on sale is really fantastic. Today, my husband who always supports my crafts and quirks brought home bunch of colored zippers he found on sale at ANSAR MALL. It is on bargain price of AED .50 who can beat that??

They are selling this below the cost, I was really happy! I told him before that I wanted to make some skirts for Raya and some pouches and I need this zippers. He is such a charm, he knows sewing makes me sane and happy at home.. although, I still wished I can go back sooner on being employed. I still have to make sure our new nanny will care for Raya so, hope that goes well.

If your living near Al Nahda, check out ANSAR MALL for they do have some great items on Bargain from time to time. Okay, I sounded like they paid me to advertise so I am going to stop now. =)

Have a great weekend!


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