Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I like to have an organized home, but please don't judge me..I don't have the gene for extreme OCD but I tried several times to make it as tidy as I can. How do people do it anyway??

It is painful to see that clutter find its way everywhere. Having a husband who hangs everything makes it more difficult, don't worry mahal, I still love you! I too have a problem, specially for my own corner the computer table is a mess.

 Now that we have a baby who will soon be cruising around, I decided to de-clutter our new home and try more simple display. Sorry for the crappy picture taken from my Blackberry 8250 not a good camera phone and it's been beaten and thrown by Raya too =).

 The decoration process is still on going since after we moved in we fly to Iran for vacation and most of our things is still in boxes stored in our closets so no one will know we are somehow hoarders before LOL.

 You are free to suggest how should I go about designing and arranging if you wish just please be kind. Having epilepsy, a bad heart and a baby doesn't make it easy to be on my own..so I cannot do more fancy.. "not complaining" I love my family and sickness is just part of living and thriving for me. I do not look at it as a disability but a challenge to be better and thankful each day.

I love crafting, I decided to make a handful of things instead of buying, I have searched online for some inspiration and watched some DIY tutorials too, though I have some sewing skills way back high school, I think my brain has overloaded and need refreshing ideas.

So, for now this is only I can share with you. Hope you all have a blessed day!









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