Sunday, 8 April 2012

75.2 kg of all me

I started gaining weight after I resigned from my sales JOB where I met my husband, or should I say I started all the weight accumulation from eating junk foods all night since we started dating. That was our only time together because of a hectic and crazy timings at work so after so many years of dining out of FAST FOOD, I jump from 54 kg to a whooping 75.2 kg post natal. I am 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall and the problem area is my double chin and mid section. (Ceasarian operation didn't help me urgh).

Now, I really want to be able to run and have fun with my daughter but the weight issue keeps me from having the best time with her. That is when I decided, enough is enough and today will be the start of a new beginning, regaining my strength and be me again. I don't want to feel depressed more and go to XL section would love to try Medium size again.

Being fit is also good for my heart and my epilepsy so it is really a win, win situation if I can make it happen.. so help me GOD!

I hope I can push my self towards attaining my goals of losing weight, I often failed for so many health issues and reasons.. so many times. I wanted to feel light and pretty infront of my husband and my daughter.

So for today, goodbye OLD me and welcome HOPE of new ME ( cross my fingers ).

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