Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Don't you hate molds?? they are so nasty!

But one more thing about it that's making me freak is they are in my bathroom walls and doors...seriously nasty ( mind you that bathroom was used by my previous tenant and I had no idea there are kingdom of fungi growing in there ). Well, one to be blame is me, "I know", I was busy with my baby and other stuff that I didn't check it for a long time and that's 3 months. Our flat has 1  1/2 bathroom and we were mostly using the big bath and I thought it was clean when they left to transfer. This is one kind of BIG REASON why for me, no more sharing of my home.

I am not OCD but I hate germs of any kind ( who like them anyway??)and I frequently ask my husband to wash his hands before touching my face and our baby. He said, I am so clean.. (with a tone that I sound like an alien). I am guilty of buying the most strongest cleanser of all ( I know, that is some heavy radicals too but I cannot help my self).
If  you will asked me" WHY??" It is because, I had so many health problems that a simple cough and colds or some little freaky mold can make me sick like for a week. Bad heart isn't enough, a weak immune system makes everything worst.

Tonight, after I cleaned the big bathroom and happily scrubbing, my guts telling me to just take a look at the half bathroom and see if my mom is cleaning as she said. And to my surprise, there is black 4 inches wide of molds at the back of the door and some on the tiles...ewwwww! I don't know if you like what I am saying but thinking of what I saw makes my stomach ache for a while.

One more thing concerns me is that, my mom usually bring Raya inside that bathroom to wash her hands...oh my! I freak but with all my might, I scrub it all and whisk it with my powerful jiff, dettol, and clorox..while I am saying my God!, my God!

These is the bathroom that frequently guest will go to pee and they might think I was lazy because of how it was.. I really feel bad, but a lesson is learned. I must check my house thoroughly for my own sake and my family.

Hope your not eating anything while reading and if yes please forgive me in ruining your appetite because of my story.

Good night or day to all of you!


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