Thursday, 16 February 2012

I wanna be a BILLIONAIRE!-bruno mars

How would you like to wake up one ordinary day to an extra ordinary event in your way?? I dreamed about winning the lottery, having more financial freedom so I can help my family back home. But the question is, how will I make it worth while if I do win??

I have few things in mind (It is not true, I got some heavy list) :)
1. Buy a new home for my Mom and pay her credits ( might spend a lot on this because its a lot)
2. Buy my Husband his nice car.
3. Give my brother his lucky part for business ( hopefully he will make use of the money in proper way )
4. Save for my daughter's education plan.
5. Build my dream store.
6. Buy a nice land in a valley to build our dream home with gardens, patios, picket fence and hopefully a pool.
(it is a dream, please let me elaborate)
7. Pay all our credits.
8. Pay it forward buy hosting charity event for displaced kids and elderly.
9. A portion for Zakat.
10. Give my loving in laws a sturdy fund for retirement. My father in law is still really active in business at 70+ of age.. he needs to be with his gardens and his wife. I love him dearly, a good father that I never had but luckily given to me by GOD.
11. I need a day or two of shopping spree ( wide smile ).
12. Invest more so the money will not be wasted.

I got some more in my mind but may be I am boring you all, so how about you?? let me know.



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