Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine Cupcake practice

I managed to make some cupcakes for my husband today, got some practice for what I want to do on Raya's birthday. I love the taste of carrot cake with choco frosting and an improvised cupcake toppers in a toothpick ;) I was in hurry that I didn't make some wrappers which I hope I did to make it stand out. I used the toppers that I got online, but I am so sorry I forgot where I got it from; either thetomkatstudio.com / catchmyparty.com because the time I have save it, there was no marks on the page (so sorry!) will give the proper credit next time.

As you can see, I feel they are naked without the cupcake wrappers, right? The frosting too is just a thin spread Betty Crocker chocolate frost because I still didn't manage to buy my icing supplies..;( will do for sure.

I love baking, this is something that makes me comfortable and at peace with my self. It made me happy if my family appreciate and love the taste of what I make (" I sound like JULIA "). Is it a phase in a woman life where you get to do what your mom was doing as a wife and a mother,that you feel intensely responsible to know the basics of everything in the kitchen?? I do.

Last night, (I mean this early morning) since my daughter is not feeling sleepy at all ( 4:00 a.m) I was browsing through Martha Stewart's website, and other baking blogs...I found some good tips on how to make royal icing, sprinkles, fondant cake etc. and I thought well, if everything can be made, why do I need to order for my daughter's birthday cake. That is the brave side of me talking, but I know I am not the best baker but this could be a good challenge for me. I still have 3 months to practice my baking recipes and skills to make a perfect cake for her...wish me luck!

So, from now on my post will be about the baking challenge I made for myself ( my heart is pounding fast). I can do this! Let's hope for the best =) anyways, if everything turns sour, the friendly bakery is nearby haha.

Happy hearts day to all!


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