Thursday, 21 January 2010


After a long 60 days more or less, I'm finally back to my blogger account. I was away for while sorting life through the bliss..found a new venture in life which is online selling. Apparently, this is not so easy..but fun too. Occupied my time and I have gained a lot of new friends and profit.

After I have watched Julie and Julia, I have realized that I was like "Julie"..In her 30's and finding her worth and specialty in life. The worth is an easy task, just evaluate one's self and you will know the difference that you have acquired along the path you have chosen to take.

If it happens to be rough for you and your in chaos now, it means that you might have chosen the short cuts and stumble, fall, and the REAL you is waiting to be rescued or abandoned.

Of course, mine was a different story.. I can humble say, that I had chosen the long winding road of life but pass along each intersection with courage and humility. I thank GOD for giving me the hardships and the pains for I became a BETTER ME.

The "specialty" is where I mumble my thoughts for about 2 weeks. I have bits of everything, but I still one special skill in deed is needed to be mastered. From my previous blog post, I said I have found that CHARITY work is where my heart is. The purpose I have been searching for. But along the way, while I am concluding these revelations; I noticed that I needed one particular skill to acquired to better help more people. What is that??? my mind is asking?

I can say my life had mishap and share of luck for the past 30 years. The visions that I had is now my present life. Some are choices that resulted to agreement and most of it are really just what I am dreaming of. Still, I promised to skills here I AM! 2010 is the year.

So now, I will update you soon which new skills would I be taking..see you soon

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