Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I never thought this day will come, that I would hold her tiny hands and held her in my arms. We were so excited when she came, we heard the news on a special day.

Our daughter "Raya" is our blessing, when every one was skeptic that I can't conceive because I am an epileptic, have a bad heart problem and PCOS; we never loose hope that one day our family will be complete.

On a stormy night on June 23, 2011, I became a mom to a beautiful baby girl. We were out buying goods that day in Manila for reselling and had to stop in Taft avenue for Papa John's PIZZA.. I feel normal and happy, shopping ease my mind..but I have few bumpy cramps few weeks back. My hubby was on leave and it will expire after a week so we decided to have a final check up that day and to our suprise the Doctor said I only had 10% of water left. We rushed to the hospital and the emergency CS was done.

No words can explain the pain of giving birth and I was lucky not to experience the labor since my cousins always telling me I was the happiest pregnant woman they ever met, may be because I dream of being a mom long enough. After the operation, I was so eager to see my daughter again and held her for the first time in the recovery room. We love her with all our hearts.

Now, she is turning 7 months. I can't believe how quickly time passed by. She can grabs things, giggles and drool all day. Loves to watch the TV with her grand ma lucy and adores her BABA. I love being a mom, all the late nights milk time and diaper changes is part of the great feeling when she touches my hair and hug me with her little arms that's what sum it all. When I hear her laughter, it just melts my heart.

Some times I pinched my self because I might be dreaming, all the things I wanted was given.
We wished to GOD to shower us good health and long life so we can guide our little princess and give her the love she deserves..

At night when the room is filled of silence, I thank GOD for the wonderful blessings I have had. Though life wasn't easy for me when I was young, ALHAMDULLILAH ( Thanks be to GOD) now it is alright.

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