Tuesday, 6 October 2009


IT HAS BEEN A WHIRL WIND MONTH FOR ME LAST SEPTEMBER, I'VE FINALLY OPENED MY NEW ONLINE STORE http://fashionswirl.multiply.com and my other site for CHARITY http://helpingisbeautiful.multiply.com, and it all went well..been busy running around sharjah and near ajman (I think) to find the goodies for sale and donations too. But I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the people of UAE where hundreds of them (not only me) :) do spend their time with purpose "HELPING EACH OTHER". Since the typhoon KETSANA or ONDOY hits Philippines, I've been sick and worried about my family too, one is because our home is near the SEA and my mom is living alone with my niece.

May God stops the over powering winds and storm, our kabayan's are not yet healed from the trauma they faced last time...

It is my mission to help and help I would give as long as I lived....but you friends can help too...have some heart to our people, our big Filipino family from across the GLOBE.

My LOVE and prayers are all with YOU.

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