Thursday, 12 February 2009

STORM hits OUR LOVE but didn't took our FAITH

We are in the edge and at times of crisis, we have had yet another GIFT from GOD...My husband was diagnose with Calcium Deposits in his T2 side of the Brain and is now under close monitoring by our physician due to different symptoms he is experiencing..

I felt helpless, I cannot ease his pain. they said it was ordinary for us (HUMAN) men /women to have some calcium deposits anywhere else in our body but little is known till now to where this culprit is coming from and why it is specific results are the same. Since it is unknown, the medicines that was prescribe were painkillers and to stable his balance.

We are newly weds, just trying to start a life together and this "GIFTS" are somewhat beyond our visions of trials to come and it is still soon to encounter such devastating facts.

But in our hearts, we believe in GOD, we know that behind this wall between contentment are happiness and love for each other.

I am positive that we will over come such trials, I am just concern that it could be a sign of a deeper illness which was known to run in their gene pool. MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is one heartrob of all pain that is present in their family.. Suffferers of such disease slowly agonizing their pains of loosing control over a limb or two and can have their full memories erased or went under coma in any given time.

I am praying he will recover as soon as possible, and im giving him the best care i can give and the love he always deserve..
Apart from this "GIFTS", we are in turmoil over our financial status but still "ALLAH KAREEM". Each night that he is fast asleep, I put my thoughts here so I can take it out of my chest..and when he awakes, im showing him that im on top of my game to help him battle this out for us.
Some Doctors said it is nothing but here in UAE, I cannot say I have heard of a specialist where everybody are entrusting. I may not be a medical proffesional to understood properly how each procedure should be done but I saw in many event malpractices and limited compassion from each Doctor I have visited.
I pray on GOD Above to protect my love to be kept away from any harm...
My warm love may bring back your good health.

Thank you...and advance Happy Valentine's Day to ALL......

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