Thursday, 12 February 2009


I was told that your choices of your walking buddies (SHOES) merely define a character that suits you well.

For me, I do not fancy high to look at them and find them sexy but its just not me.. I am more of sneaker, pumps, and flat boots person..the easiest way to run, walk comfortably. I feel good when my toes are not previous boss said it is quite a reflection of my personality..well, I hate my toes that for sure..they are not lady likes...I was born with this for my mom was planning to kill me. She ask forgiveness for this resulted a lifetime of fame but I do not mind it at all for I know she was just trying to save me then from poverty...I was happy that it is readily available now a days the pumps I adore so much..way back when I was young, it is hard to find a good one that will hide my so called secret...(I Think I let it out a little..shhhhhhhhh) :)

Now, rubber shoes is also fun but it always get into my fashion code..My abaya and rubber shoes doesn't blend really nice, so I have learned to wear a bit of boots (no heels pls.) and some sandals..for a lady like appeal..

One day, when I can have my toes fixed..may be I will try to wear heels, and feel like a full grown lady....a distant dream..

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