Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I do not like pointing a finger to others as much as I hate it when it was on me, THE BLAME process is an old strategy of the WEAK.

Why Do you have to blame ALL MUSLIMS, when in reality it is not the full legion but a few whom do the crimes you said was done out of JIHAD?? Why do you hate us? when you got little or no knowledge about it?

People of the world who makes the world go around, when you find yourself abound the middle of no where and find conflict of thoughts as a crime and makes sudden judgement, start a tag, and spread hate for every MUSLIM in the world..you are making a big MISTAKE.

GO reveal yourself and put it out in the OPEN..who think your life evolve without a scratch of evil thoughts and deeds, then make it clear..and who will judge you then? if your clean or innocent??only the ALMIGHTY, not you and of course not me....

Keep you tongue for the purpose of tasting the fruits of life...or suffer on the two edged blade of it.

You proclaim your self righteous, and correct in the standard that only ordinary people created not GOD... YOU the judgemental FOOLS, while you point the blame on me, I am sure you know, by way of the books..you are guilty too!!!


  1. yes, i agree with you that we should not blame all the Muslims for doing these henious crimes, i may say. but you can't blame the others either for pointing on the Muslims for they like in Mindanao are the ones whos keeping our country on the edge. i am not for the religion but, i must say that i am a Catholic and i dont understand why they do such things? and these few Muslims are bringing their entire religion on a bad image. sorry but this is what i think

  2. I cannot justify the reasons of the FEW, but to spread the hate to ALL is just cruel. I appreciate your thoughts, don't we need PEACE? we would love to co-exist with everyone too and stop the fightings but it is not solely in our hands..

    Not only we are suffering but it is dividing our country..my prayers go to ALL who was hurt and afflicted by fightings, killings and actions that was started from the very root of not respecting each other..

    RELIGION should be the issue nor the reason as everyone is capable of doing harm..

    Thank you and May peace Be with US ALL..