Sunday, 8 February 2009


Persopolis Sunset, Shiraz, Islamic Rep. of IRAN

"Oh sunset, take my worries with you" and bring me back a new life upon sunshine...

Why do we fear death? It is a part of life too, we are born to complete a cycle which includes it. As we face our daily lives with fear of the unknown, we tend to forget to celebrate its beauty by overwhelming ideas that are not relevant for our existence. Like LIFE, death has a beauty of its own...seems skeptical?? It is said, that once we completed our task (THE CYCLE) here in our temporary world, we will be abound to see the greatness; and what more important is that we have tried our best to live not in vain, hate but love.

I do fear death before, I tried my best to fight it, but I have learned it is enivitable. We should be delighted that there is DEATH, a WARNING of what has to come for us, to our family, our friends, pets and it must be a reason for us to be more diligent, faithful and kind towards them, cherish every minute of their smiles, cooking, warm hugs and tears..

Remember the wind, how good it feels when it touches your face it the morning, be polite and humble, kiss the people you loved often, say thank YOU with a smile, we cannot bring back the time but we can make the present memorable and better than yesterday.

Do not forget to pray to our GOD ALMIGHTY and ask for forgiveness... death is painful for the living but it is the joyous moment for the departed...let them feel they are remembered thru prayers and not with tears. I may go soon as I expected but, at the moment, I am loving each and every minute of my LIFE........I do not fear DEATH, for it is the beginning of a new life.



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