Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I felt like I have neglected this poor little blog of mine and the reason for my hiatus state was "we moved again"!! Yes, I felt I have been living in my suit cases too. For now going to two years, We have been hauling our little hearts out and our simple treasures around Sharjah and now here in Manila, Philippines. So happy to announce that we finally have a home sweet home to call. Our unit is located in Field Residences Condominium in Paranaque City.

This is a compact, small  56 sq. mtrs but so loved home. While my daughter and I stayed for a much longer vacation than my husband, I took the chance to enhance it the way it will suit our family. We initially started collecting antiques and we almost went back to embracing brown's and neutrals again but because of the size of our space; white and black suits best.

I have a couple of projects done and one of it was the passage between the two 1 bedroom unit. We bought tandem units or the combined. This was appealing to us before, but we somehow regret it now that it needs more renovations and enhancement unlike if we took regular 2 bedroom unit unfurnished.

The ambiance of the place, the peace and safety for our daughter is on our top priority. This place lit up the excitement beams in my heart. Our first home, to explore, to create and to love. While we believe it is a challenge living in such a small space, we are compelled to minimize which one is essential to have and extra to donate with the things we brought from UAE.

I have sold some of the ready furnishings and electronics that comes along with the unit simply because it's not what we hope for and it doesn't fit well for a family of 3. The 24 inches LCD TV, the Sofa beds, and one  Refrigerator and an extra dining table. The home is also equipped with 2 sinks, 2 bathroom, 2 stoves and range hoods which oddly place on both sides.

So we are still unpacking and in the process of back splash tiles make over, wooden mirrors and cabinet repainting. I will post updates when its all done.

Hope you all had a good day and having a blast like we do!!

Margot Jamali

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