Friday, 13 January 2012

BABY RAYA @ 6 months & 3 weeks

  Here is my daughter Raya, she is our little sunshine and my cute princess. When she smiles, all the pain and worries just freeze for a moment. We have waited 3 years for her to come and finally God has given me more reason to live another 50 years if HE forbids ;). We, the parents are always wishing to see our children grow and achieve something, I am just counting that I am currently 32 years old and if my baby turns 20 years old, I will be 50++ (notice the ++ , reaching 50 will be my reset point =)) will no longer count afterwards) I do hope, I am still around to guide her. I love you Raya!!

 She is learning to sit, eat pureed food, roll and in this photo, she's quite observing her surrounding. She loves her crib mobile and would giggle all day. Sometimes, I have to turn off the music for its quite annoying for me when it is running for about half an hour. 

 Raya is such a happy baby. She have learned how to babble, and showers mom her saliva while making the loudest noise she can...Her BABA (father) asked me, how come our baby make such noise all through out the day.. is she going to be a singer ?? I wished LOL.
Well, I better prepare my managerial skills then hahaha.
FYI: Singing with music is HARAM in ISLAM so I think, I have to hold back on that last thought. ;(

GOOD DAY every one, Happy SATURDAY!

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