Wednesday, 13 May 2009


It's been a while since my last post, I had a wonderful time with my family in the Philippines. I hugged and kissed them more often everyday for 3 weeks bcoz I know it is going to be years again before I can do that.

I am cancer free now, healthy living and trying to conceive. My husband and I, agreed that I will go back to work and help him with our financial turmoil but nothing is difficult if you hold on to each other, that is the power of love.

Going back to Philippines made me realized that it is really important that I spent time with my mom. She is older than ever, her lips and arms aged and the brightness of her personality slowly fades. The situation of our home made me cry, it is really tough.

They still need me, I cannot leave them behind just because I have my own life. I love them as always especially the kids and the sadness in my brother's eyes made me melt. I know, If I will have the means to support them financially, I could ease the life out of him.

I missed them again, the shortest 3 weeks ever...

Do not worry mama, I will try my best to help soon.. I made a promise that We are going to be together soon and it will happen!

I love you All and Missing you so much!


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