Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Simple Life

We all dream of a good life, having everything we need within our reach but not all sufficient lifestyle means good. For myself, I really have a simple life in mind. A cottage house or a country house with lots of trees, a yard that I could plant some flowers and a place for my dogs.

Simple pond where I will keep some rescued fishes and let my loving turtles slides their life all the way. I want a home with windows and patio so my husband and I could cuddle while we feel the fresh air. I want to feel the early morning dew and the chill of the coming night..and hear the splash of the rain while I cook some soup for my family.

We dont need more money, just enough not to beg or ask for food to survive.

We do not have it here in the middle of nowhere, we are lucky to have roof or should I say another floor above our head. We learn to share our house to about 7 people more so we can deal with the rent.

Here, it is not a loving life, we are STILL, stagnant, and always tired. But only from here we make a day, we can have our simple life, away from these busy buses, high rents and flats...

We appreciate the present but we also have high hopes for the future...they say, people
usually do not know what they want so they all end up having what they can afford.

I do not believe that, if you stop dreaming to have a good simple life then there is nothing worst than that and your an inch of being dead and cold.

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