Saturday, 7 March 2009

Trials and Errors

It is now 4:16 am and I cannot still get my good sleep...

How I would have it?

Yesterday, was one of the many days in my life where everything is really wrong.

My pet turtle died, he is so dear to me my little gorio :( goodbye and say hello to your fellow dead turtle in heaven..

My husband wasn't able to bring me to the hospital for check up for we cannot afford it now and he is on the verge of transition at work...he looks so sad when he came home at 2 am today.

I felt so sad for him for he loves his work so much, we even fight about it..he doesn't have time to rest that is why after a long 5 years of no rest finally breaks him down..he just got sick and ask for 2 weeks leave and at the 7th day, he knows there are a lot of work to be done and he is even convincing me to let him go back to work but I am not convince so I let him stay at home for 7 more days..because he is not fine but trying to be.

My husband has devoted his 6 years to this company and when they look at him this little, I really feel bad... he is very good in what he do, he will sacrifice everything just to get things done for the boss and the company( resting hours, day off, time for family, extra hours in the midnight without over time) but I am not sure why they cannot find any of this good things he had done but instead they listen to people who claim to do better but actually not worth a single dirham the company's giving them.

I am not bias because I worked on this company too for a long time, since its humble opening..I saw people grew weary of their positions, and steal and cheat but my husband grew and enhance his skills through time of service and even try harder to cope up, they hit him once, his pride was shuttered...but he stayed humble and work but this time around, GOD forbid I won't let anyone to do foolish things to him again...never...

Why do people can only look for faults instead of looking at good deeds??? is it so hard?

The house, VISA and our little things..these are important for us but I can live without it just to have our LIFE back where staying in UAE sucks the life out of us...

I know it is hard for you my mahal but do not worry...ALLAH KARIM! Better things are coming...

God help us, forgive our sins, forgive those who sinned us, make us be wise on our decisions, on our struggle for good health and a better life.We trust you...we praise you...we say thank you to everything..I mean everything good or bad, THANK YOU ALLAH!

I need a strong set of mind, at this time when I am sick and he is sick too, we cannot gave up...

Fighting i

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