Sunday, 8 March 2009


Life has so many twist and turn
We are bound to make mistakes
29 YEARS ago, they thought I was a mistake

Now, I am the shield, the bone and sole survivor
what a crappy description that was...
Im no shield, got no strength, Im no hard bone cause Im even too fragile
definitely no sole survivor

Ah Life could be so messy at most
but What I love about it is when I get to puzzled in the choices
bit by bit and solve the picture

Pain let us balance our world
Make us awake from a long coma of illussion
Mistakes do happen, can be avoided
But it sure always find its way into our life

Otherwise, how can we define something without the opposite
Nothing stands alone...everything has it counterpart
Life and death and so on so forth..

What I've learned from BATMAN is
Why do we always FALL
so we can learn to get UP and fix ourselves...

You got it right..we need a process and time of healing
Those things you hate might be the one's you'll keep
not now but may be later in life

where I am heading with this
Simple, Life is so complicated enough to make and to get by
If you just keep on thinking how to make it best and perfect
It will never be

Just go on...learn from each fall
Stand and continue your journey
After All, life is also full of suprises

Love lot's


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