Monday, 16 March 2009


I have a friend whom shared this wonderful book written by a pastor, Im a MUSLIM by faith but I believe that we should get something fruitful on every religion... In this book he talks about how to ease ur mind, and set ur self, be ready for the eternal LIFE and of course a guide on how to do it...

In Holy QURAN, it is always mentioned that WE should praise GOD "ALLAH" , THANKS HIM and always seeks his forgiveness, and live a purpose filled LIFE, proclaims ALLAH is Great. Everything WE SHOULD do must be driven by a desire to PRAISE HIM.

I feel being tested, in the middle of a vast sea of troubles and aboard a sinking ship of health.. But I am sailing still, for I know it will pass just like the first time it hits me..

It may drift me, the pain will lead me to loose control but I HAVE FAITH THAT ALLAH never sleeps, get tired of protecting me and healing ALHAMDULLILAH (THANKS BE TO GOD)..I am still awake, breathing and he continuously showing me the PATH, the way to fulfill my duties...I AM NOT TIRED of seeking...nor healing...I accepts the pain, the hurt, for I KNow in the will be NOT matter how much I have in the bank, the material things aren't here to be counted but HOW I LIVED the LIFE I was given to.

When I was younger, I used to questions GOD's plans for me, I have always ask WHY it has to happen to me and NOW, I understood thru time and test that we ALL have our fair share of the pain, struggle and stories which I thought before I am the only one having.

So Life is too short and I am near the ending..let's continue our journey not by acquiring things that might SLOW us down but only carry a pocket full of FAITH and LOVE, and sure it will be enough to get us through another night of a PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.

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