Friday, 13 March 2009

4 years and more..A letter for my husband, my best friend and my MAHAL

It has been a stormy first quarter for us mahal this year but as we surpass the turbulence of faith and we are getting stronger at 4.

Who would have thought we will made it through this far when everyone puts a bet that we will never made it through the night. YES it was difficult and still it is everyday but the voyage with you made me realized that love can really really move mountains...and I love pushing it with YOU.

The idea of leaving so soon cuts my heart but we both know that LIFE isn't FOREVER and I promise that I will stand at the door of ?? wait Im not sure where I am going...:) (GOD? hope it is a place you prepared for me) but wherever it will be, be sure I'LL be there waiting for you.

Now that I am still here with you, let us cherish these moments together...I do pray to give you a SON..hoping it will be TRUE soon even at this least I will leave you a PIECE of US.

I love you, I thank you for always being there for me, painfully dragging me when I passed out, I know ... I know I am heavy..mataba, but you don't mind you said..That's enough for need to pretend I am sexy.

4 years more mahal..extension GOD?? please?? I do love to share more with the man I married, the friend I cried with...who accepts the full ME, the good side and the crappy times specially when I am on pain.

Thank you for loving me.

Sometimes, I am asking if I really deserve to have YOU, but I am happy bcoz I know GOD still loves me, he gave me mahal...

Now that you are fast asleep beside me, may ALLAH protects you, when your at work, at home... always keep me in ur heart.

No GOODBYE's..just HELLO, chitauri? khobe???khayli dosetdoram..azizam!




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