Friday, 19 October 2012


Most Parents can relate to this, when someone offers unsolicited advise and pronounce their opinions about raising your baby that mostly hurt your feelings. I feel like scooping my child and run away as possible but the reality is that you cannot escape this scenario especially if your baby constantly refusing to say hello to family or in laws and would cry her little heart out at a glance of a stranger. She has her own ways, some of the time she will just wave at a random lady in the street.

I know it is a phase, but there are some who cannot understand and will attack my parenting skills  or would comment that I am not teaching my 15th month old to be polite, are you kidding me? I know a lot people whom are Professionals and well off in life but so rude, how can you teach a baby that young?

What I don't like is the comparison they say to other toddlers. My baby is bi-racial and we, as a couple are used to the stares, the questionable eyes while we walked holding hands at the mall or when we want to dine out, but spare my little one if she cannot comprehend yet to play along and it's not because she has a unique family, but because she is still a baby.

She loves to say Hi but she must be the first to say it other wise she will cry. This is how she is right now, after she get used to being around you, she will constantly blew flying kisses to you, isn't that sweet enough?  And when asked how old is she, Raya will say "wahhhn" with her point finger, that to me is a conversation piece.

I wished that I can explain to everyone who frown at me but I choose not to, we all have our own ways, what might be doing great for your family will not even come close to be fine with mine. I would just say mind your own sticky business and if my daughter doesn't like to shake hands with you to say Salaam, that might be a sign that she understands well enough you're not Polite enough to keep your opinions at bay and give it when it's asked for.

This is just my ramblings, I kept quiet today and sob inside the toilet after listening to their "blah blah", but I just need to vent at least. I know this is just the beginning of our wonderful challenging life ahead. HERE'S to YOU~" It doesn't mean I am a new mom, I know nothing about raising a're so wrong but then again, your opinions might hurt me but cannot change the fact your NOT the mom, I AM.


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