Thursday, 27 August 2009

whaT'S ur PURPOSE?????

Ever wonder what your purpose might be? I do so often think about it. Next month, it will be my 30th Birthday, I am getting older..wiser? that needs a self check before I can claim that I do became wiser.

In my restless nights, thoughts flooded my mind; more about business, reflections, things I wanted to do (of course its mostly still un done due to this and that!) memories, and i am wondering when I will be able to seek and lived my purpose.

here are some of the purpose I have in mind:

1. To pay it forward- love that movie's concept...pass the kindness to 3 strangers and tell tem to pay it foward to 3 more strangers and so on....till everyone is doing good things to each other. ( check) note: doesn't need money all the time, just a pure heart on helping :)

2. To be a good daughter, a good sister, a good wife, a good friend and a good stranger. (this is hard stuff) no one could ever be perfect but there is no hurt in trying yeah?

3. Be a master of something.... I can almost do most of the things basically but I am not a master of a specific thing..I believe if I can enhance one special skill...I can spread the love more... ( hindrances: TIME, MONEY, ENTHUSIASM) :(

more to come... i have to put it on writing because it passes so quickly and being so old now at 30, forgive me...the AGE is getting into me.

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