Sunday, 15 February 2009


Got a little secret, I am a Technophoebic person before, anything that is complicated and new edge technology gadgets, in an instant I will drop it.

Then, education and practice thru reading made me realise that most (not all though) can made my busy life more efficient..I was one of the girls back in college which is contented on a Sony Ericsson one liner text messaging phone. As long as my mom can reach me thru this, I kept it till graduation..Money is another factor but i got a job back then even I was a student so I can buy if I really wanted. Then when the savyy Technologies of Nokia came around and boy its really great, after the much awaited salary..I bought the start of my ever changing piece of Mobile gadget.

Now, the laptop really is great too..but back in Manila, It is really a fortune to own one. I managed to save some bucks for my first laptop and thru the help of my mom..but sadly it is not the best one..very slow like a Turtle...then my friend was in need of money so I sold it out fastly.

Today, as the advances of technologies surpass the limits of our imaginations...I can say..the phobia was gone thru consistent reading and usage of Technologies...One thing I always bear in mind that nothing is impossible to be learned as long as you put your heart unto it.

To all the TECHNo Phoebic's in the world...there is nothing constant here in this world than CHANGE so let's keep up...


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