Saturday, 14 February 2009

meet my pets....

This is FREEDOM...a Japanese Spitz that loves to swim in the beach, he loves to play with the crabs and sometimes chew them in the process. This was taken before I left for Dubai last 2007..I think he is trying to say STAY fatima...but the cuteness cannot feed us RIGHT ??so, I left him with my mom..he is now 2 1/2 years old and still enjoy the afternoon beach walk and dip. Since our home in Cavite is few steps far from the beach, Freedom enjoy the vast playground. My mom said, everytime I called, he will not stop barking and will jump continously. May be he knows, I am asking if he is fine and would like to say HI too.. I missed this cutie, we will see each other soon... muah

Meet GORIO or Georgie..A Slider Turtle that loves the TV so much...I always let him out of his HOME after feeding him to enjoy his favorite show "AMERICAN IDOL".. This one loves to sing in silence I think..he will just stare at the TV all day.. not the LAZY one but a sort of TV ADDICT...
Since we cannot have dogs at home here in UAE for so many reasons, I prefer this turtles for they are so cute and tiny..most of freinds will say, it is bad luck to have a pet turtle but he (gorio) doesn't believe his a pet for he will go to the bathroom by his own will and goes back infront of the TV as he wishes.. only when its feeding time I need to put him back in the water for he loves his crunchy dried shrimps floating...:)

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