Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I felt that my brain today is sore and heavy, filled with thoughts, doubt and fear for the coming days revelation of what might be the biggest "GIFT" God could ever give in a small package. Now, it would be a total of 3 nights without a sleep...trying to figure out what should I do when things get worst.

I am preparing myself to fall and stand..it is un avoidable to not feel silly, cry and be in distress but the more I could think of the pain, the more I am encourage to fight it. This way, I could possibly beat it and move on or accepts the fact that when there is beginning and end to everything we taught we have for keeps.

I, at the moment is still in a great deal of shock but very determined to revive the very soul of my existence..God was so nice to me and I am gratefull that I was bless in my darkest hours.
I never stop asking for forgiveness and say my thank you's..

Most of the people I know whom heard the news broke down into tears and shook their heads, they are lost of words that are comforting for I know it is not very easy to express an opnion on a subject you are less knowledgable and experienced of..but do not worry my dear friends...silence and prayers are enough...I do understand that this is something we cannot laughed about nor ignore.

I wish love and life co-exist in a healthy way...but as we grew older, we tend to focus on materializing the dreams we had, but not having another set of it.....then we lost track of LIFE.

Listen...just listen to what GOD is telling...it means something, that's why it is given and it is for me...I keep on telling LISTEN...

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  1. "God have not given us the the spirit of fear; but of POWER, and of LOVE and of a Sound of MInd"